Temporary and Permanent Vascular Access in Hemodialysis

24/01/2020 0

Advances in hemodialysis and vascular surgery and vascular surgery (fistula, graft and catheter) for dialysis have been the most frequently performed vascular surgery operations in the world. These operations are so important for dialysis patients that the “bridge that connects the patient with life to the patient” and the analogy of “the vessel is equal to the dream” is used.

Temporary Vascular Access


-Femoral (from the groin)

-Subclavian (under collarbone) Jugular (from the neck) Hemodialysis treatment can be applied to the patient immediately after catheter insertion.

Permanent Vascular Access

Fistula: connecting two veins with an operation Graft:

Insertion of the artificial vein At least 2-3 weeks must pass before the fistula and graft can be used.

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